Reliance Jio Free Phone 0 Rupees Refundable 1500 Rupees Order now

Jio Phone

Jio Launched new Mobile phone with Zero rupees now. Jio is going to reinvent a feature phone now. Updates new Going viral and making history in Communication issues. Jio Phone will be available for en effective price of Rs. 0, Yes !! it perfect true news not hoax !!

Jio Phone Free 0 Zero Rupees Book now Details

Jio Free Phone What u heard is perfectly 100% true Jio mobile free! But You have to pay a Rs. 1,500 deposit for security measurements now, which is refundable according to Reliance Jio in 3 Years. Its will credited automatically when Three years completed. They will return this money after three years. Looks like the sensational story in a day. The phone will be available from August 15, 2017, On the market.

The JioPhone looks like a featured phone with a 9-button numeric keypad Shocking observations all over makes sensational stories now. It has Inbuilt FM radio settings, HDMC Audio Settings. The JioPhone is a 4G LTE phone with high settings now and it supports 22 languages. including Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Kannada, organized Bengali and other 11 languages.

It even has a microSD card slot. updates now avail with Jio Free mobile Offer. It even understands Hindi voice commands all over takes more observation, they just asked the phone to play Vande Mataram in Hindi for checking Audio Decoder.

Reliance JioPhone is a 4G VoLTE feature phone: Key specifications, features

Speed dial options, Ringtone settings, Theme Setti organized well. Any JioPhone can long-press the 5 key and the phone will automatically send a distress message to your near and dear ones. When ur setting feed their contact number for speed dial. On the JioPhone voice will always be free of cost.

JioPhone users will get unlimited data now and free voice calls and text messages at Rs. 153 per month data packages now. Jio has a new Rs. 309 per month plan now and easily connection now for those settings automatic connect to TV Through mobile phone now who want to mirror content from JioPhone screen to the big screen. it’s working like DTH Services. There are small recharge packs as well, including Rs. 24 for two days and Rs. 54 per week

Reliance Jio, The sensation in 4G network. Created now all magic wind to eying on grabbing all sensational Jio Phone free with Zero rupees. When other networks are selling 1GB at 198 Rupees. Jio came up with free data. provided best and cheap services now.

That too not for a day or week. It gave free 4G data for months. Yes, With free 1GB 4G data & 2GB 4G data offers available now. But, Jio again came up with awesome offer for feature phone customers. Yes, a New Lyf Feature Phone for Just Rs 0. Yes, Absolutely free but, security deposit of 1500 rupees which will return in 3 months. More Fetaures & details about the phone are expalined in Below video check it out Stay tuned to Jio Sim india Site

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